71 Euroopean Practise Cases from Socially Responsible Public Procurement Work

julkaisun kansikuva

“Making socially responsible public procurement work - 71 good practice cases” was published by the European Commission at the beginning of June. It brings together a variety of socially responsible public procurement case studies from across Europe. The 71 examples have been collected from 27 countries (from 22 Member States plus 5 non-EU countries). There are also six examples from Finland.
The case studies highlight tendering procedures and procurement guidelines aimed at impactful social sustainability. The case studies cover both service and supply contracts and a wide range of suppliers also portraying various stages of procurement.

The case studies are sorted by industry, which are:
- cleaning services (10 examples)
- construction (7 examples)
- food and catering services (6 examples)
- furniture (2 examples)
- gardening services (3 examples)
- healthcare (3 examples)
- information and communication technology (4 examples)
- social services (12 examples)
- textiles (5 examples)
- other (13 examples)

The Finnish examples are

  • The City of Tampere and healthcare gloves (page 107)
  • The Ministry of Finance and employment of immigrants (page 113)
  • Hansel Oy and computers laptops (page 145)
  • The Board of Education and accessible websites (page 153)
  • The City of Vantaa and employment pilot (page 180)
  • The Cities of Sodankylä and Kittilä: common procurement guidelines (page 213)

The publication can be found on the Comissions webpage sivuilta.