Public procurement and minerals in electronics: Safeguarding human rights due diligence in supply chains of minerals used in ICT

 Webinar about minerals in electronics.

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The manufacture of electronics like smartphones and laptops requires vast quantities of minerals sourced around the world. The extraction of these minerals is linked to severe impacts on human rights and the environment and is known to fuel violent conflicts. Contracting authorities have a unique opportunity to apply social criteria in tender processes to support the responsible sourcing of minerals. But this is only happening to a limited degree.

This webinar explores opportunities for applying social criteria to ICT procurement with a focus on minerals.

It examines experiences, strategies and methods used in European countries, where public authorities have actively included contract clauses related to responsible sourcing of minerals in ICT products. Furthermore, it provides insights into the risks involved in mineral extraction and considers an industry model which aims to enhance human rights due diligence practices in mineral supply chains.

The audience will have opportunities to ask questions and be engaged in the discussion on how to enhance work on responsible sourcing of minerals.

Presentations and Q&A

  • Overview of risks and impacts linked to mineral extraction - Linda Scott Jakobsson, Swedwatch
  • Social criteria in public contracts to address responsible sourcing of minerals in ICT supply chains - Elin Severholt, City of Stavanger
  • Models of human rights due diligence assurance programme in mineral supply chains - Leah Butler, Responsible Mineral Initiative

Panel discussion moderated by Jo Hintz, Local Governments for Sustainability

Sharing experiences, challanges and opportunities in applying social criteria relating to responsible sourcing of minerals. Q&A with the panel and audience.


  • Elin Severholt, City of Stavanger
  • Kathleen McCaughey, Region of Stockholm
  • Advanced Purchasing Universities Consortium, Scotland (tbd)

For more information please contact: Tom Sullivan, Communications Advisor, Swedwatch +46(0)8 525 203 83 / or Linda Scott Jakobsson, project manager Make ICT Fair, Swedwatch +46 (0) 8 5252 203 80 /

Funded by the European Union and co-funded by Sida.